Throughout a driver’s racing years there are thousands of elements that help shape the career they navigate through. These moments and people and sponsors and championships or losses are similar to the very specific and important elements of a clock that results in it running perfectly. Or like the gear of an engine, depending on who you ask. And if you were to ask Oliver Askew, he would absolutely agree with the latter. And just as all of these elements help to take a driver to where he is, it is equally as important to take on new opportunities as they arise.

Over this young man’s karting career, he has been (other than in the Rotax MAX Challenge Grand Finals) exclusively on and winning with a Tony Kart since 2007. As his talent grew, Ocala Gran Prix (OGP) noticed his efforts and skills in 2010 and as of 2011, enabled him to run his first international series in the Florida Winter Tour. Even after having a rough start there, he and his tuner persevered and finished second overall after having edged out some of the most experienced kart racers in the world.

Over time, Askew has continued to learn and progress at rapid speed, with results being shown both on and off the track. Such success, however, wouldn’t have been possible without the ability to observe and be coached by some of the best in the industry such as: Kyle Kraus, Nate Grindell, Mike Maurini, Gary Carlton, Alex Speed, Matsuura Masanori, Tony Alvis, Mike Speed, and Mario Ioffredo, among others. Out of respect and pride, theses names as well as a few others can be seen as tribute on his latest helmet used at the SuperKarts! USA SuperNationals and the Rotax MAX Challenge Grand Finals in Valencia, Spain.

Aside from great coaches and great equipment, success in karting is also highly dependent upon the consistency of being on a great team. Askew has never ceased to be grateful for the tools provided to him by OGP, which were instrumental in his success in karting and currently one of the most colorful track records out there.

“Ocala Gran Prix and the entire program that Mr. Jorge Arellano has developed is responsible for my success in kart racing thus far, and I am forever grateful,” Askew explains. “They have prepared me very well for further success and opportunity should I continue to apply and develop what I have learned.”

And no matter how many trophies he gathers, or times you can click on his name from another article written, OGP taught him to never stand still. To never get comfortable. And to always continue to challenge himself to improve both on and off the track.

In taking that advice, Askew has been presented with an opportunity to continue adding those key elements of coaching and advice and innovation with another team that will foster continued growth for his career. With the blessing and encouragement from OGP, he has accepted an offer with the BirelART program and is eager to discover and map out a new line.

In addition Oliver has inked new partnership with Mr. Mike Perry of Racing Driver Management to help support further growth in motor sports. 

The specifics of Oliver Askew's new deal with BirelART will be outlined in official press from BirelART as well as in an exclusive Kart360 interview.

Askew wishes to further thank all those who have helped mold those elements that have aided in his success thus far, as well as express his appreciation for those investing in him and his future. A special thank you to not only Ocala Gran Prix but everyone around him and his efforts including Racing Driver Management, Bell Helmets, Race Tech Development,, Sparco, Swiftwick and Risk Placement Management.

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